how to make bionicle modeling clay

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Как сделать БИОНИКЛА из пластилина

9 меc назад

Как сделать БИОНИКЛА из пластилина.

Mask Making Tutorial

9 лет назад

Well It's finally here. I present to you how to create a mask for your bionicles. Materials: -Modeling Clay -School Glue -Paint Brushes -Hot glue -2 Unit Axle -Paint ...

How to Make a Stop Motion Episode 2: Puppets and Props

4 лет назад

In this second episode we see how you can build your own characters and props. Thanks for watching and see you next week with a new video! Music used: ...

How To Make A Lego Ennard

2 лет назад

again, i know there is no eyes. Song by: Groundbreaking Name: My Ennard Program used: Lego Digital Designer Ennard and sister location belong to Scott ...

How to: Small Basic skeleton model (old moc contest)

7 лет назад

Cool bionicle/Hf Moc making idea.

Mask of Havoc clay prototype

4 лет назад

A clay model and prototype for my Mask of Havoc. Planning to cast it in aluminum soon.

How To Make The Withered Animatronics

2 лет назад

Characters included: Withered Golden Freddy/Fredbear Withered freddy Withered Bonnie Withered Foxy Withered Chica Music By: Nitroglitch Program used: ...

MAKING OF SPRINGTRAP FIGURE From Five Nights At Freddy's (Thanks for 1000 SUBS!)

3 лет назад

Making of custom Springtrap figure from Five Nights At Freddy's 3. You may have seen glimpses of it in my last video but I've upgraded the figure ever since.

Clay vs Lego

1 лет назад

Hope it's action packed enough! :)

My Custom Clay Lego Accessories

6 лет назад

Here is the places to get baking clay: A.C.Moores;

How to make scorpion with Play Doh

6 меc назад

How to make chicken - Play Doh =========================== Lubna Toys 2018.

How To Make Clay Octopus

3 лет назад

Random Spring Foxy Request

3 лет назад

via YouTube Capture I was given permission to REDO Beau ganir's/Le Noobs' (now know as The Amazing Otaku)'s Spring Foxy (Hybrid of his 2 favs bots of ...

LEGO Tutorial: How To Make The Female Mandolorian Lieutenant

7 лет назад

Comment, rate and Subscribe please!

Bioncle Stop Motion Construction

11 лет назад

This is my first stop motion video. Sorry its really short. The music is the opening music from Star Wars.

Clay model mata nui stone lego bionicle

1 лет назад

I made different size of the mata nui stone clay from lego bionicle.

Sam's How to Build Bionicles 2

9 лет назад

How to build lego mech heads!

10 меc назад

Hi all, Chubbybots here with a tutorial on how to build lego mech heads. In total I have done up 5 different style of mech heads which you can try out :D Hope you ...

Lego Werewolf Moc

3 меc назад

Hi all, Chubbybots back here with a halloween theme moc :D This is my tribute to the werewolf! As usual, the video will showcase the build techniques used so ...

FNAC - How to make the monster RAT and CAT

2 лет назад

FNAC belongs to emil macko Song: I got no candy by gomotion Programs used: Lego digital designer and bandicam.