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Craziest Saved By The Bell Moments in UFC

1 меc назад

I hope you will enjoy the video. Thanks to all subscribers, only 9000 left to 100K subscribers!! This is the last video in the contract with this sponsor, thank god for ...

Best Knockouts in Ultimate Fighter History - TOP 5

3 меc назад

UFC have taken down a few of my videos because of updated copyright laws. That is why some of you will see some reuploads. I promise the next video will be ...

TOP 10: Celebrations in UFC History

5 меc назад

I hope you enjoy the video and I also got a new sponsor. I have contract for 3 videos, if you guys really thinks it is annoying with the sponsor let me know in the ...

Funniest Moments In Bully Beatdown - Season 1

6 меc назад

Sorry if some of the clips is short, but I have to follow the copyright laws. Subscribe for more bully beatdown content and mma content aswel. I hope you enjoy the ...

Ultimate Fighter Competitors That Became UFC Champions

6 меc назад

Big thanks to Michael Kowalski that gave me the idea! Check out his youtube channel(Michael Kowalski). Design custom embroidered hats: https://capbeast.com ...

TOP 5: Disrespectful Moments In The UFC Octagon

6 меc назад

Sorry for not being active it has been a mix of a lot of work and lack of motivation. But I promise atleast one video per week from now. Design custom ...

TOP 5: Front Kick Knockouts in MMA History

9 меc назад

I am back! I have had little time for making videos lately but it will be better soon again! This is what I belive is the top 5 greatest front kick knockouts in mma ...

When Technique Overcame Strength in UFC - TOP 5

10 меc назад

The winner of the giveaway has been contacted on their email on youtube! Thanks for everyone who joined. I am not including all the early ufc fights where ...

TOP 5: Most powerful UFC heavyweights of All Time

10 меc назад

GIVEAWAY INFO: There will be 2 winners. I will pick two random comments on this video and those two will win a 100 dollar giftcard on mmawarehouse.com.

Cringe/Weird UFC Weigh-ins - TOP 5

10 меc назад

Just got my internet back, that why I have been away awhile. Just upload a short video today, so you guys know I am alive! I will upload Most concussed ufc ...

TOP 5: One Punch Knockouts In UFC History

11 меc назад

This will be atleast a two part series. I belive that there is a lot of out drawn mma videos now days, just so they can pass the 10 minute line. I belive that is just ...

Biggest Rivalries in UFC History - TOP 5 - PART 2

11 меc назад

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TOP 5: Worst UFC Debuts Of All Time Part 2

12 меc назад

Many of you wanted a second part on worst debuts in UFC history, so here you have it! I have been working a lot lately that is why I have been so inactive, sorry ...

Most Concussed UFC Fighters

1 лет назад

You guys wanted longer videos, so here you have it! I will upload a part two if this video gets good feedback! Leave a like if you enjoyed and a dislike if you ...

Biggest Underdog Knockouts in UFC History TOP 5

1 лет назад

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Funniest Trashtalk Moments in Ultimate Fighter

1 лет назад

GIVEAWAY INFO! What do YOU have a chance to win? A 200$ giftcard on ...

TOP 5: UFC Debuts Of All Time - Part 2

1 лет назад

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TOP 5: Most Violent Head Kick Knockouts in UFC History

1 лет назад

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Last Minute Finishes in UFC - TOP 5

1 лет назад

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Craziest Ultimate Fighter Moments - TOP 5 - PART 8

1 лет назад

As I said this is a reupload, it got taken down from youtube about 4 months ago from the ufc. I think you will enjoy the video even if you already have seen it or if ...

Career Changing Knockouts in UFC - PART 2

1 лет назад

This is not a top 5! it is 5 knockouts but it is not a top 5. this will be a multi series because there is so many career changing knockouts! write down in the ...